Your 200bar profile is a summary of your experiences, skills and previous locations you have worked or dived in.

It also showcases reviews from other divers or business managers and this could help you a lot in finding your next dive job.

On 200bar, everyone has a profile, Managers, business owners or pro divers. Once your profile is set up you can create a Business Page, if applicable.


Edit your profile

Make sure all relevant information are mentioned in your profile. if something is not available yet, let us know and we will add it for you.

On your profile page: click Edit Profile
Go through each tab to complete what is required.
Save your profile after each page to ensure you have no missing field
More details below

1. Edit your Current Status


2. Edit your personal information


3. Edit your Professional details & Certifications


4. Upload your CV


5. Add your skills
These are the main skills often required by dive centers. If any main skill is missing in this list please let us know.


6. Set your previous locations
This will let people know what kind of climate, water conditions and places you have dived in. It usually tells a lot about your experience.


7. Set your notifications preferences
If you are in active search we recommend that you at least setup daily summary. If your profile is set as Available for work you will then receive daily summary.


Support & Assistance

Contact us at if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties while setting this up.