200bar is an open platform, and anyone who wants to can sign up, make an account, and post awesome things that people will want to share. If you make something really great that everyone loves, you'll be accepted into the community and your posts may be featured on the community page. If you post something unpleasant that's deliberately designed to antagonize people, or something that is full of false and misleading information, there's a strong chance that your post will be deleted. 200bar reserves the right to delete any post for any reason.

If you are an organization, a brand, or an individual with a commercial agenda, 200bar's community platform is a great place for you to advertise your professional services and share information. However you should be aware that your content is public and other users can research and make opinions for themselves.

To get a sense of what kinds of thing will do well on the 200bar's Community, 200bar has one (1) guideline that we really must insist upon. There are a whole lot of different ways to describe this guideline, but the simplest and most direct (and politest) is probably just this:

Don't be that person.

That person, just to clarify, is that person who comes to your party and hates on your cool party playlist and doesn't even bring a six pack. That person is that person who brings up politics when you're trying to have a family dinner and tries to talk about dinner when you're in the middle of an interesting political discussion. That person is that person who shouts a lot and always need to be the centre of attention.

If you already know how to not be that person, you can stop reading here. Go sign up for an account and post something awesome!

If you're not sure how to not be that person (or if you're the kind of person who likes to read all the instructions before you start trying to work the VCR or whatever), here are some guidelines to the guideline. Some of these will work in real life too.

1. No Haters
OK, deep breath - here's what that means.
Meh and snark were a big part of the early days of digital media, but they're the default poses of lazy people who want to feel superior yet don't have anything to offer. It's not a shareable posture because most people don't want to share boredom or contempt; it was never really fun in the first place; and it's the lowest, least creative way of making a point that anyone ever came up with. Hate is the laziest, easiest pose for anyone to assume.

No Haters doesn't mean "no critics" - there's nothing wrong with being usefully critical of something. We need to be critical when it’s the right thing to do, when it’s interesting, when it adds to the story, and when we have something worthwhile to say. But we can do that with grace and understanding, and we can certainly do it without snark and vitriol.

2. No trolling
Trolling is that thing you do when you do something to deliberately goad people into a strong reaction. It can be fine when it's gentle and funny, but it's usually not, so don't. You can always tell when someone is a troll, because they're that outraged person in your twitter feed or under your local bridge who keeps shouting "I'm not a troll!”

3. No feeding the goddamn trolls
You people. This has been a rule on the Internet since it was all Dancing Babies and Under Construction gifs. Why are we still doing it? If you feed the trolls, they get stronger and then they eat you. If you don't feed the trolls, they get bummed out and start listening to lame music and mumbling about how no one understands them.

4. No personal attacks
Don't attack people or groups. Attacking someone is a great way to start some stupid crap that you shouldn't have started, so don’t. Remember our platform is open to the public and everyone can see what you post.

5. Don't post spam
Nobody likes spam or aggressive self-promotion, and we can't have it here. It’s ok to promote your programs and other content, just be aware that people have options and will not necessarily chose or like you for being the loudest, most obnoxious, or because you’re claiming to have the best “insert keyword” in the world.

6. Don't post porn
Lots of people enjoy porn, but we can't have it here, for obvious reasons.

7. Don't duplicate other people's work and try to pass it off as your own
Always credit your sources, and when you can, “make it new”. (For example these guideliens were totally inspired by Buzzfeed! So we are clear, when we say inspired, we mean we totally reappropriated it because it was well written and we repurposed it for our community.)

8. Remember not to be that person!
If in doubt, ask yourself what a Clownfish would do. A Clownfish would probably be all, "Hey, let's make something fun and creative and interesting and informative and not be a jerk about it.”

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