The 200bar team is proud to announce our latest industry partnership with DiveAssure, one of the world’s leading diving and travel insurance provider.

You will notice that we now have banners promoting DiveAssure on our website and on our social media channels. Through our partnership with DiveAssure, we now offer our community special programs from DiveAssure on diving and travel insurance to meet both professional and recreational diver’s needs.

Check DiveAssure plans on their website! Keep reading to learn more about their services.

They've Got You Covered!

Looking for diving accident coverage when diving abroad? DiveAssure’s annual or short-term diving accident programs offer the coverage you need. Choose between two levels of diving accident programs to cover your diving activities outside the United States. Programs include coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuations, hyperbaric treatments and much more.

Customize your Insurance Needs

Why pay for what you don’t need? DiveAssure offer a variety of insurance plans to suit your specific needs, from basic diving accident insurance or a single dive-trip insurance, to premium annual multi-trip travel insurance. Their travel plans can closely match the cost of your trip. For those going on a liveaboard trip, they offer the exclusive Liveaboard Rider with specific coverage to unique scenarios such as missing the boat’s departure and lost diving days due to many reasons.

24/7 Direct Support

DiveAssure programs are PRIMARY. A primary policy means that the insured doesn’t have to wait for any other insurance company to pay first. It allows DiveAssure to pay directly and in real-time to hyperbaric chambers around the world as they do not have to wait for another insurance company to get involved. This helps you not pay a large amount out of pocket. Additionally, a claim that they settle will not have any effect on the premium you pay for your health insurance.

What Makes DiveAssure Your Best Choice?

  • DiveAssure members are eligible for the most comprehensive Diving Accident and Dive Travel insurance plans.
  • They provide 24/7 medical hotlines and supervision of diving emergencies operated by specialists at Duke Dive Medicine at Duke University.
  • They specialize exclusively in diving. Their expertise makes a difference.
  • They pay directly to service providers. You don’t have to leave a deposit or other guarantees.

About DiveAssure

The DiveAssure Association was founded in 1999 with a goal of providing scuba divers with everything they might need in the area of diving insurance and medical assistance. They offer scuba divers a variety of Insurance and Assistance programs, on various levels, to cover all needs of both diving locally and when traveling overseas.


Over the coming weeks, we will post new articles on the importance of having travel and diving insurance, covering a wide range of questions and options available to both divers and non-divers companions.

For more information about DiveAssure, visit their website!