Scuba Diving Changes Life of Woman With Terminal Illness | The Dodo

For me, the ocean has always been a place where I feel meditative and apparently I'm not the only one. Many people find it therapeutic, including this real life mermaid, the Pink Tank Scuba! Admitting that she has an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Diving), she recently completed her 800 dives and adding the 1000th dive to her bucket list. Being diagnosed with terminal illness, didn't stop her from doing what she loves. She continued to dive, spending most of her time in a place she enjoys the most.

"Life is short – for all of us. Find what you are meant to do with your life and live every moment fully.
Each day is a gift that should be celebrated.
Live your passion with a sense of purpose, awe and wonder.
Live as though today was your last day on earth – and as if there is literally no end in sight.
Outlive those rotten vultures; all that is good in your life belongs to you, not to them. Don’t let them steal a single thing from you – now or ever." - PT

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