To better meet the needs of our users; both divers and dive operators, 200bar released a new feature this week!

200bar Training Offers


Since our official lunch in 2017, thousands of dive professionals and dive operators have registered with 200bar. Our dive community is growing and 200bar is constantly developing new features to support our users.

The new Training Offers was created to simplify divers' search when looking for professional training programs and for dive operators to easily post their various offers on our platform.

Divers often use different sources to look for training opportunties and the responses that come back can be overwhelming, this will allow them to easily track offers they like while exploring their options. Operators are constantly seeking new places to promote their training programs, the new feature will allow them to easily manage their various offers while tracking their success rate and better manage incoming leads.

We hope this new feature will facilitate the fluidity of information and communication between divers looking for the best offers while shopping for a training program and provide dive operators with tools to better manage their offers, communication, and potential candidates.


Feature Highlights for Divers:

1) Filter functions
The functionality of this feature is quite similar to that of the job offers. The filter function helps the divers to narrow down his/her options by selecting location, organization, training type, cost, and teaching language.

2) Express Interest button
When users are interested in an offer, through clicking "I'm Interested," the dive center will automatically receive a notification and will have the option to directly chat with the respective candidate.

3) Direct Chat
The direct chat button allow divers to engage directly with the dive operator to inquire further about the training offer.

For dive operators, we're simplifying the process by allowing you to manage and promote both jobs and training offers within one platform. We're hoping to eliminate the hassle of tracking various submissions on multiple platforms and reduce the time you spent on recruiting new staff members and/or securing new candidates.

Feature Highlights for Dive Operators

1) Create once & Duplicate
Dive operators hosting multiple internships or IDCs each year can quickly fill in the necessary information while taking advantage of the pre-filled selections tool to save time. After posting the training offer, you can easily duplicate the offer and adjust the starting dates or other details to generate different offerings throughout the year.


2) Track Candidates
Similar to the Job Offer feature, dive operators can easily track their potential candidates, check their 200bar diver profile or initiate conversation with them using the live chat feature.

Through this release, we hope to assist you take a step closer to achieving your career goals and optimize your business offerings.

Check out the new feature here.

Please report any bugs and feel free to send us your feedback or comments on how we can better improve our platform to help you success in the diving industrty.


Steven Maurin
Managing Director & Co-Founder