I met many dive professionals who seemed to have had enough of their diving career.

I noticed that many, including myself, do an extensive period of work and get tired of work afterwards.

Here are activities you can take time for between two dive jobs or on your days off to keep having fun and not just work.

Photo by David Clode from Unsplash

Fun diving

Sounds weird and you might want to off-gas your computer on your day off.

At least between two seasons it seems to help many divemasters and instructors to fun dive.

In your next working contract, try to include in your package that you can do free scuba diving on your days off or every x amount of weeks.

This helps to remember the good old times before you had to make sure the guests enjoy their dives safely.

You can dive and have fun in your scuba career.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Visit local places

Many of us dive at super exciting places in the world. I understand on your day off you might want to just rest.

I remember I was too lazy to go to some places on my days off back in Thailand a few years ago.

Now I think I should have done that.

Just here and there it is surely good to see something that is spectacular for your area and is not related to scuba diving.

It can be anything from waterfalls, temples and forests.

Photo by Didin Emelu on Unsplash

See your family

The longest I have been away from home was three years.

At that time I hadn’t spent Christmas at home for four years in total.
I noticed that I was not home sick at all at the beginning. However, in year two I started missing some people.

The feeling to get back, even if only for a short time, gives a quite calm piece of mind that there is a place I can still call home.

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The points might sound obvious.

However, I noticed many of us professional scuba divers forget to pay attention to those small fun things sometimes.

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Originally published at Scubacareer.net.