2017 EDITION - A Report on 2015 Diving Fatalities, Injuries and Incidents.

In 2017, we are celebrating 30 years of the DAN Annual Diving Report. The first issue, published in 1988, was titled the DAN Report on 1987 Diving Accidents. A formal data-collection process had started a few years earlier. The purpose of collecting data was to estimate the burden of injuries within the dive community, to learn more about the causes of injuries and to inform the development of preventive interventions.

This is the 30th annual report from Divers Alert Network on diving accidents and fatalities.

Over the years, the annual reports have evolved as the diving community and DAN implemented new reporting procedures. Additionally, overall diving medicine and incident knowledge has also improved making reporting more accurate.

This year's report showcase how diving and diving incidents have evolved over the last 3 decades. With the evolution of dive training, better education regarding diving injuries and incident, along with new technologies in first aid, we now have more accurate data and reporting making it easier to understand how to better deal with dive related emergencies.

You can view the annual report here.