On 200bar.co, Business Managers can post Diving Job Offers in few easy steps.
As a Member of 200bar, the job offer you’ll post with your Business Page will appear at the top of the job offer list as shown below.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a diving job offer.


Create a Job offer

In order to create a job offer, you need to be a registered professional and have a business page first.
From your Business Page, clik on [+Job] in the Top Bar or on [Post a Job Offer] under your Cover Picture. A pop-up will then appear.


Complete the Job Offer Step by Step


STEP 1 : Date and Job Type
Choose the Starting and Ending date

Choose the Contract Type (Freelance, Short-term or Long-term)

STEP 2 : Diving Skills
Choose the Organisation required to work in your company (PADI, SSI, …)

Choose the Level of Certification of your future employee (DM, …)

Choose the Teachable Specialties you are looking for (if required), you can add as many as you need.

STEP 3 : General Skills
You have the choice amongst General Skills you would like your employee to have on the top of his Diving Skills.

Choose the required speaking Languages

STEP 4 : General Information
Choose if you prefer a Single Person or if you accept Couples applications.
Choose amongst Extra Requirements and add a job description / details.

STEP 5 : Click on “POST JOB”
Your Job Offer Will appear at the Top of our Job Offer Page

Your job offer at the top of our job listing page
You will receive the application through the quick-application feature.
Your Job Offer will appear on your Business Page from where you can easily manage applicants.

As soon as a pro divers apply to your job you will receive a notification and the diver will appear in the list.

See the Applicants, Edit offer and Delete offer buttons below.

Support & Assistance

Contact us at support@200bar.co if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties while setting this up.