At some point of your divemaster career, you would probably have to decide which direction to take your career next. One of the options is to become an dive instructor and take your Instructor training course.

You will go through this process once, thus you want to make sure you choose the course that fits you best. There are numerous options available and it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Where to start? These are lists of things that might help you narrow down your choices


1) Location
As a diver you probably have a list of places you would like to explore. Narrowing down your choice of locations could be your first step in selecting the right program. Each location offers different dive conditions which result in different learning opportunities. For example, dive sites with currents will give you unique chance to develop skills required when teaching in challenging conditions.

2) Additional learning opportunities
One of your primary goals is definitely to pass the exam, but it's also important to ensure that it will be an enjoyable process.

The courses will have similar day to day agenda covering all the materials necessary for the final exams. But, some program might offer additional features worth additional considerations. For instance, the opportunity to shadow prior and after your program, which could be useful if you're one of those divers who just had a career break. There are those who also offer post-training opportunities to teach and certify students, which can give your resume a boost.


3) Cost
The course fees usually end up to be pretty similar across the board. The costs structure generally consist of a) course fee, b) training materials, and c) the Institution examination fee. So why do we consider this aspect? The training materials and exam fees are dictated by the institution, therefore there are no rooms to lower that down. You can perhaps look into getting the materials from different source to get it cheaper, but make sure you always ask the Course Director before making the purchase. The only cost that could be different is the course fee, which is determined by each Course Director. Make sure you consider the potential discount for early birds and what's included / excluded. In addition, some institutions offers scholarship, so make sure check on those to see if you're eligible.

4) Other considerations
On top of the above things, these are other considerations that can help you decide the training course that fits you best:

  • Group size
  • Potential employment arrangements

It's always good to talk to your Course Director - at the end of the day it's usually that personal connection that help you make the call. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Explore training offers listed in our platform here.

Cover photo credit: Trawangan Dive, Gili T