*We launched 200bar.co early March 2017 and since then we have worked on improving the platform, debugging and adding new requested features.

We also worked hard at promoting 200bar and let people know about it. Probably a mission as hard as developing the platform itself!*

200bar in numbers

As mentioned in our previous post, we have now (July 2017):

  • 1000+ registered profiles
  • 11'oo0+ Facebook followers
  • 1000+ job offers listed

Jobs that are posted directly on 200bar have been offered in Thailand, India, Oman, Kuwait, Mozambique, Senegal, Cayman Islands, USA, and many more countries.

We also synchronize job offers from external sources to provide you with the most exhaustive list of job offers. New jobs all around the world are added to the listing every day.

Start searching for your dream job today: 200bar.co/search

Do people use 200bar and does it really work?

Yes! Thanks to our platform, pro divers have already found new job positions. We will tell you more about their story in future blog posts.
Hundreds of applications have been sent using our integrated Quick-application feature.
And yes! People use 200bar daily to scroll for new job offers.
The chart below shows the number of session since our launch:

  • ~16'000 Sessions
  • ~90'000 Pageviews
  • A bouncing rate as low as ~32%
  • Average session duration of ~5 minutes
    Number of sessions — March to July 2017

Let’s keep this as a reference, we will post new statistics soon to let you follow our progression.

Average Session Duration represents the time spent by a user during one visit. If our 5 minutes metric seems low to you, then consider this:

For a good average session duration, the industry standard is 2–3 minutes. — Spinutech.com

Looking at the month of July: The Average Session Duration of logged in users even reached 8 minutes! **That is 260–400% more compared to the good average! ** Our bouncing rate is as low as 17% for the same user sample.
Simply said, we are building a good quality audience.


We are getting known out there and 200bar.co makes its way in a “hard-to-digitalize” dive industry. People already benefit from our hard work and this is our biggest gratification.

It’s seems that it’s soon time to forget emails and paper CVs — 200bar is here to stay!

Get involved and help us grow!

If you believe in a better dive industry as much as we do then please help us spread the word.
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