Since the pre-launch of 200bar, early December 2016, we have generated a lot of interest in the dive industry by starting with a Newsletter opt-in Website and a Facebook page. We have also attended two of the biggest dive shows in the world, in Paris and Düsseldorf.
But what really is the 200bar | Underwater Network project ?
This article will tell you more about it and explain how your involvement is paramount to the success of this platform.

How it All Started

My friend Louis and I are both passionate about the ocean and the activities it offers. In November 2015, we landed together in Koh Tao, Thailand, to further pursue our diving careers. I was planning on taking a Divemaster Training (DMT), whereas Louis was trying to find a job as a Dive Instructor.


I found a DMT course in a blink of an eye, but for Louis it didn’t work the same way. Prior to his arrival, Louis checked on a couple of Facebook pages hoping that there were job postings for Koh Tao. He also started to check the websites of some dive centers, but with more than 70 dive centers on the island, this was inefficient. He realized that he’s been wasting too much time on this and decided to do walk-ins when he got there.

Finding a diving job is difficult. The frustration built up as Louis found out that the CV he gave to the dive center always ended up in big piles of CVs, which had probably been there for a while.

Wanting to help him with getting a job faster, I thought of building him a personal website highlighting his experience, skill set, as well as recommendations from previous employers. I developed this thought further and decided to make web-based CVs available for more people like us. This idea then quickly escalated to creating the LinkedIn for Pro Divers!

Our Mission

Since November 2015, we’ve got hundreds of new ideas and the development of this platform has been really exciting. We’ve decided to start with developing two main ideas: creating a fully-featured job platform and growing a community around it.

As described above, the recruitment process of the dive industry is currently inefficient, unreliable, and time-consuming for both divers and dive centers. Therefore, we decided to create a platform tailor-made for this industry and independent of any certification organization.

In addition, we believe that knowledge and experience are best when shared and the platform will be an open space to do so. We’re hoping that the community and the ease to get a job will inspire more people to become professional divers.

Current Status (February 2017)

After more than a year of development, the platform is now being tested actively. Every day more testers join us and we plan to launch the live beta in the coming weeks.

If you want to join the team of testers, please fill out our pro divers’ survey and join us also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

How Can You Help?

Did I mention community? Yes, it will not be a community without participation of pro divers and dive center managers like you! When we share the same values and beliefs, we can easily grow together. We can use your help on spreading the 200bar Excitement!
We need dive centers to become aware of our platform, to discover how it will help them to find the perfect staff member and to promote their training courses (Divemaster Internship, IDC, etc.). As pro divers, you need to be ready to apply if a dream job offer appears. And you will see, it is really easy to apply!

You spread the word today, a manager posts a job offer tomorrow, and after tomorrow you start your new job!

You will also have an important role in improving the platform by sharing feedback and bug reports, and by requesting new features.
All in all, the more people joining the network, the bigger are the benefits we’ll get as a community. Together we will make the dive industry more accessible to passionate divers.

Now you know a bit more about the platform and how valuable your participation is to the success of this project. We hope that you’re as excited as we are! Stay tuned for more updates. You can join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Happy bubbles!