I screwed up so bad once.

I applied, had a job interview and totally embarrassed myself because I did not prepare the basics.

Luckily, I had a lot of practice since then to figure out what to avoid.

Here are five common mistakes in dive job interviews.

Mistake #1 — Showing up unprepared

Too many don’t even know where the dive shop is or which courses they teach.

Most of this information can be found on the company’s websites usually.

Basically study everything you can about the company.

In times of social media and generally the internet it is quite easy to figure out details about companies.

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Mistake #2 — Talking too much

Yep, that was me. It can create an impression that if you do that every day at work people might get overwhelmed.

The secret lies in listening. Ask questions and let the dive shop manager talk as long as they want.

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Mistake #3 — Interrupting your interviewer

Don’t interrupt people when they talk. Have a pen and paper for the job interview and write down your questions.

When they are finished talking, you will have time for questions.

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Mistake #4 — Pretending to know everything

We all know that we are not perfect. Be open about points you need to improve on.

That goes a long way usually. If the dive shop does not find a point of weakness they might ask themselves where you hide this point?

This is because we all know we have at least one thing we are not mastering yet.

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Mistake #5 — Closing without an agreed action point

At the end make sure you agree who is doing what as a next step.

If they seem unsure ask for permission to follow up with them in a few days.

If you are supposed to do anything after the call make sure you know until when they expect you to do that.

This can be sending certain papers, contact data of references or more.

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However, to actually get to a job interview you need to stand out with either personal connections, being physically present and a really great CV.

Start to get your CV to the next level today because it can make or break it in a few seconds.


You can write these common mistakes in dive job interviews on a piece of paper and lay it beside your computer when you have the Skype interview.

This way you get reminded.

If you show up in person for an interview it can be helpful to practice those five points with a friend in a simulated dive job interview.

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Originally published at Scubacareer.net.