On 200bar.co we provide a very powerful chat with useful features for dive center managers. You will understand here how you can get the most out of 200bar chat.

This chat is similar to Slack for those who used it before. This tool has proven its efficiency in many industries and we decided to offer it to the dive industry through our Professional Divers platform.

We will soon release a Desktop Application, iOS and Android apps so you can remain connected at all time with your staff.

Here is what you can do with 200bar chat, in a nutshell:

  • One-to-one messaging: to contact your applicants or chat with your team members and buddies.
  • Group messaging: to interact with multiple individuals at the same time, you got it. This is also called channels. I will dig more into it.
  • Share files: upload and organise files in your multiple channels.
  • Audio and video calls


Group Messaging / Channels

This is probably the most interesting feature for your business. You can set up mutliple private channels let’s take the example of DiveParadise center, we could setup the following channels
We like to use this name convention: {BusinessName}-{topic}.

  • DiveParadise-team:
    for team-wide discussion, change in schedules, team announcements, urgent requests, etc.
  • DiveParadise-logistics:
    where all equipment or logistics discussions happen.
    An employee could mention that a piece of equipment needs to be repaired.
  • DiveParadise-admin:
    Management Only area, where you can discuss your dive center admin, Staff recruitment and other management discussions.

Why using channels?

Because it offers you a structured place where you can keep the history of your important discussions, share files and retrieve them in few clicks.

How to create a channel

In the top left corner, click on the [+] button next to the search bar


  1. You will then be prompt to type the channel name, set the Channel visibility (Private or Public) and if you don’t want people to write in you channel you can set it as Read Only Channel (e.g. for announcements)


  1. In Select Users type the name of your staff members, or any person you would like to interact with, and add them to your channel.

  2. Create, done! You can now start discussing with your buddies and staff members

If you selected private channel visibility, users won’t be able to see your channels from the search bar and I guess that’s what you expect from it, to be private! If you want new people to join this channel you need to add them manually

Add users to your channels

  1. On the right side, you will see a toolbar with multipls icons, you can just play around to discover what they offer but the interesting one is the members list.


  1. Open the members list and you will see another input field where you just have to type a name to add this person to your channel.


  1. To modify user’s permissions (assuming you’re the channel admin) or for any other action just click on the user and this menu will show up:


  1. Done!

Tips & Tricks

In your Team-related channel, think of sharing and pinning your dive centers guidelines and rules and ask every new staff to read them when they join the team.

Pinning a document helps to find it quicker in the Pinned Messages list.

Also, to avoid mixing random discussions in the middle of a serious channel, we recommend to create a BusinessName-random channel. This will help keep things tidy.


You now have a good overview of what is possible with 200bar chat to empower your business communication. This is just the tip of the iceberg and your imagination is the limit. Organize your channels the way you need it to fit your business needs.

Support & Assistance

Contact us at support@200bar.co if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties while setting this up.