In the past months, we focused on testing, debugging and improving the platform. During this busy time, we added some clever and useful features. Today, we want to thank you for the immense support.

We believe that keeping track of our successes as well as our struggles is extremly important and we want to share it with you. It will allow you to understand how important you are in this adventure and how you can help the divers’ community by supporting this project.

So, what have we done in the past months?!

Let’s start from early 2017. We can summarize what we did it in three words:

  • Testing
  • Listening
  • Improving

From January to March 2017 we have tested every features of 200bar with about a hundred of experienced dive professionals and managers. By listening to their feedback, we have been able to debug and improve important features.

After looping through this process for weeks, we eventually got a product that we were proud enough to release.

Note: the early development of 200bar started in November 2015, on Koh Tao.

March 8th 2017: The D day — Beta launching!


We finally released the platform publicly!

Right after launching, we focused our ressources on letting the world know about this new platform. From Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, Oman and Indonesia, our team members have done a tremendous job at reaching out to every single dive buddy or business manager friends, and inviting them to register their profile.

Within the first month, hundreds of divers and managers signed up. At the end of July we reached 11’000 followers on our Facebook page and there are now more than a thousand registered profiles.

Browse pro divers profiles by clicking here:

We also received an impressive amount of feedback and messages to let us know what to improve and how much this platform is needed in the industry.

I think this will be a game changer in the diving industry and I am excited to play a small role in it.
— Geoffrey N. (Professional Diver)

Since then, people like you are supporting us from all over the globe and they contribute as much as they can with what they have to offer.

Get involved and help us grow your diving job opportunities!

If you believe in a better dive industry as much as we do then please help us spread the word.
Follow our blog, like and share this post with your dive buddies and let the world know about 200bar. Thanks a lot for your support.
Our next blog post will give you an overview of our progression by analysing some numbers and statistics about 200bar. Keep posted.