Have you tried to apply via email, Facebook and other channels but got no answers quite often?

There are two killing factors to land a dive job you can use to score above all other applicants.

I will quickly explain the what, why and how.


I did quite a few interviews with dive business owners recently.

They all prefer to hire someone they get to know through recommendation and who is physically present.

The two factors are personal connections and being physically present.

Only one of those two factors can already put you on top of the short list for a dive job.

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The dive shop can just learn more about you and vice versa.

Why — personal connection

A really well written CV can get a dive shop owner quite excited about a dive pro.

The Skype interview can serve to get to know the first impression to a certain extent, but the first impression is already good before they talk to you if someone else vouches for you.

Why — being present

Personally you can show much more of your passion, excitement and energy.

Also, you can check out much better if you want to work at this dive shop.

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Always be active.

How — personal connection

The most important part is to continue networking especially when you have a dive job.

Too many stop following the job market and stop networking once they start working somewhere.

While you are looking for a job it is harder to network because people can realize quickly you just want to connect because you are looking for a job.

If you connect with new people while you have a job you simply want to connect and people are more open for that.

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How — being present

I admit this is a tricky one. You can’t travel to all your job interviews.

However, the really good jobs are often given to people who are experienced in the country they apply at.

So it might be possible to actually meet an owner before agreeing to a dive job when people stay in the same country.

Good for you. Good for them.

I admit this is seldom but a very favorable case.

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I know you have a busy day.

However, if you choose just one time per week, thirty minutes, to catch up with old diving friends online or get some new connections online it will most probably already work.

If you are living in a diving area with bars and pubs go out here and there.

You know the best where all the dive pros hang out for a beer once a week.
Almost all diving areas in the world have that.

There might be exceptions in really remote areas, I admit.

Bars and pubs are a good place to network and sometimes there are job interviews held too.

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Even with a recommendation you need a really great CV often times because you want to remove the last doubt of a dive shop.

If you are at a dive shop to speak for yourself you still want to leave your CV with them so they have all your important information.


It is some legwork in your first year to get to know the big wigs of the industry or a certain country to build up your network.

However, many miss out on those opportunities.

You can make it work for you by creating your own opportunities.

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Originally published at Scubacareer.net.